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1.Don't do anything to harm the server. 

2.Respect everybody. Treat them the way you would like to be treated. 

3.Don't use a bug or exploit to your advantage, report it to management to be fixed. If you're caught, you will be punished.

4.Don't attempt to prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, or spam.

 5.You may not prop/body-block

Roleplaying Rules

1.Don't randomly kill someone. That's RDM (Random Death Match).

2.Follow the New Life Rule. If you don't know what that is, scroll down to the "New Life Rule" section.

3.Follow the description of your job title. If you don't follow it, get faced with being demoted or punished in another way.

4. Don't metagame. if you do not know what that is, scroll down to the metagame section.

5.Don\'t do something to avoid a roleplay situation. This means, don't disconnect, suicide, change jobs, etc to get out of a roleplay situation.

6.Don't mic spam, even as a hobo.

7.Don't spawn kill. As a Hitman you cannot kill your target in spawn. You cannot stand and wait for them to leave either, you must find them later.

8.Don't switch jobs to get specific job related items and then switch back, find someone already with the job.

9.Don't raid as any non-criminal class.

10.KOS (Kill on sight) or AOS (arrest on sight) are not allowed.

11.You must choose an actual RP  name; for example "Potatoswag McYolo" is not allowed. Remember not to use your real name.


Metagame is when you gain & use information not directly available to your roleplaying character. For Example: Using information from OOC in a roleplay situation, hearing money printers, and seeing guns, printers, and/or other entities through walls.

New Life Rule

NLR, short for New Life Rule; Includes going to the general area you died in within 5 minutes of your death, or taking action in your new life about something that happened in your old life, for example: As CP you raid a base, get killed, then after you die you make that player wanted. That is not allowed.

Combat Engagement
You can fire at someone if:

1. You have made a warning shot or call beforehand.

2. They have taken something of yours.

3. If they are attempting to raid or rob you.
4. You feel threatened. Don't just say you felt threatened as an excuse to kill. An example of feeling threatened would be someone following you around, or someone always wondering around your base, or someone armed with a gun near you.

You cannot fire at someone if:

1. They are government personnel (if that is the sole reason)

2. They are doing no harm.

3. You have not given out a warning shot or call (unless they are raiding or robbing)

4. They are resisting arrest.

War Rules

1. War must be between two parties who agree to war

2. War can last no longer than 5 minutes

3. The leader of a team must be the one to declare/end war.

4. If you do not wish to participate in a war between two jobs, switch jobs.

5. Do NOT kill jobs not participating, you will be banned for RDM.

6. Gun Dealer is not allowed to participate in wars.

Job-Specific Rules

Civil Protection

1. Civil Protection members may arrest players with illegal guns out on sight.

2. Civil Protection members may arrest players with illegal contraband out on sight.

3. Civil Protection can use any weapon they have available to them.

4. Civil Protection may ONLY use weapons that they spawn with.

5. Civil Protection members are NOT allowed to baton rush (arrest someone while they are shooting are you; you have to shoot back)

6. Civil Protection members are NOT allowed to base/own doors/homes. The PD is your home.

7. You may not build Check points

8. Resisting arrest is NOT KOS.


1. The mayor is not allowed to own property, the PD is your home.

2. The mayor cannot have any other firearm than a pistol.

3. The mayor cannot pursue people, the firearm is ONLY used for Self-defense.

4. The mayor may not participate in police raids.

5. You may not build check points

All Dealers

1. You may not Self Supply; for example: You want to raid, do not have any weapons, switch to gun dealer, give yourself a gun, then switch back and raid that base.

2. You may not raid.

3. You may not only serve certain teams for example: Denying Service to all Law enforcement, and selling only to the thugs.

4. You may not participate in wars.


1. Death cannot use guns

2. Death must /advert Death

3. Death\'s killing sprees can only last 2 minutes
4. Death\'s spree ends if he dies.
5. Death\'s cool down is 10 minutes
(If you wonder why it's not 5 minutes, death pretty much has permission to go on an RDM spree)


1. MUST stay stealthy. Can not walk on streets/open areas. Rooftops, shadows, corners, sewers, etc.

2. Help's the Police. They may uphold the law. BUT ONLY KILLABLE OFFENCES. Witnessing a kill/hit/raid ETC. Illegal weapons is not a killable offense.

3.  May be killed by police for killing, as this is not an official CP class.

Raiding/kidnapping/abducting/mugging/terror/rape Rules

1. You must advert Raid when raiding

2. You must advert Raid Assist to assist in a raid

3. You must advert Kidnap when kidnapping.

4. You must advert Mug when mugging.

5. You must advert Terror before terrorizing.

6. You must wait 5 minutes between each mug/kidnapping/raid/terror

7. If you fail in the middle of the raid, you must advert Raid Over.

8. When the raid is over, you must advert Raid Over.

9. You must be a criminal class in order to raid/mug

10. Abducting and Terror are reserved for Abducting and Terror classes only.

11. Maximum mug is $1,000

12. Rape is for rape classes only

13. Rape has a 5 minute cool down

14. Rape must /advert Rape

15. Kidnapping can not be done in the open, with no more than 1 witness watching the kidnapping. Any more is FailRP.

Building Rules

1. Don\'t abuse fading door (using your physical keyboard to open your fading doors during a RP situation, like a raid)

2. Only spawn working keypads, yes, we can check them.

3. Keypads must be placed near the door they go to.

4. At only one entrance of your base may you have 2 keypads. The rest of the entrances may only have one keypad, so that if you get raided, the raiders can get out. For example, the front door of your house could have two keypads and the closet in your house could only have one keypad (or vice-versa)

5. Keypads must have a minimum delay of 5 seconds.

6. A player must be able to enter and exit your building without having to destroy any props.

7. Don\'t build anything that gives you a ridiculous advantage over people breaking into your base. (head-shot bases, traps, mazes, etc)

8. Don\'t build in places that you don't own.

9. Don't build out on the streets or anywhere public. Hobo's and Disk Jockey's are an exception to this rule, they are allowed to build on the sidewalks and park areas. (Disk Jockey's can only build music stands and / or dance areas)
10. Don't block off parts of the map, or NPC's around the map.

11. While building, put up a sign that states "BUILDING" to let others know not to mess with you. Once you're done building, remove/change the sign. While building, you should not have any printers or other entities. If you do, those entities will be removed, and you will be punished.

12. In regards to rule 11, don't mess with people that have a "BUILDING" sign.

13. No Megabasing (Occupying More than one building)

14. No concentration camps, no Nazi stuff, etc, this isn't 1944 RP.

In-Game Laws

These are the laws that should be followed in-game. Disobeying them in anyway will result in punishment by government personnel.

Always illegal:
- Firing off a gun in public
- Owning contraband
- Murder
- Assault
- Robbery
- Throwing Bugbait at people
- Rape

Always legal:

- Owning a handgun
- Insulting the CP 
- Self Defense (It is only legal if you use a legal gun to defend yourself)
*NOTE* The mayor can change these laws, for example, the mayor can make printers legal, etc.
Contraband IS:
- Any weapon that is not a pistol 
- Drugs
- Money Printers
- Lock-picks
- Keypad Crackers
- Any Baton
- Any drug producing device (Pots, Coke Labs etc.)

Contraband IS NOT:

- Ammunition (Includes ammo crates, etc.)

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